Buisness Card Cover-up

I’m sitting in my hotel room with many business cards from GDC. If you are in a similar situation, try out this new game!

Setup: Each player selects 8 business cards from their collections and places them on the table. Each player also takes out one of their own cards and places it in the middle of the table, between the players.

Gameplay: Starting with the player whose email address (as listed on their card) comes first alphabetically, take turns placing business cards on top of the cards originally placed in the middle of the table. Cards must be placed so that they completely cover all the cards below them either horizontally or vertically (cards may be placed at 90 degree angles relative to the cards below). If you can no longer legally play, allow the other player to place as many cards as they can.

A legal pair of piles for BCC

Endgame: Sum the number of pieces of information on each of your remaining cards.

  • Do count: Superfluous text, repeated information, wordart, both sides of the card.
  • Do not count: Text written after printing, images without text in them.

Winning: The player who has the fewest pieces of information remaining wins!

If you play business card coverup and have feedback, please let me know!

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