Camping with AdrianI am a recently graduated philosophy major from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia who will shorly be relocating to London Ontario to join my partner Shannon as she begins her medical residency. I am a long time world traveller and seeker of interesting experiences. I play guitar, primarily British folk and punk with some new wave thrown in there, fix my own car, brew my own cider and am generally willing to fiddle with anything. Most importantly, I am a lover of video games and am dedicated to interactive media.

Perhaps I should expand on that last statement. I’ve been following video games since I was 11, not only as entertainment but as an industry, cultural icon and art form. I own over 1400 games across about 30 platforms as well as myriad books and magazines on the subject, have attended the Game Developers Conference several times, and have been writing on the topic in various forms for the past decade. I have organized, supplied and run several large “video game museum” events at Dalhousie in association with Frag 4 Cancer and the Student Union. While I had always intended to make my own games, in 2010 I took the plunge and began coding, first in Gamemaker and then Unity. Since then I’ve taken part in several Ludum Dares, taken part in a fourth year computer science course on game development and created an endless supply of half-built interesting things.

It doesn’t end with video games for me though. I’ve lived in the Middle East and attended Northwestern there in the journalism program (leaving only because of the cost, not the quality or my success). My interests range from mechanics to technical theatre to music to acting to electronics to science (both the logical process and the findings) to dungeon mastering to speech rights to PC silencing to neodymium magnets to audio to miniature modeling to cooking to law to shaving. My favourite people are George Orwell, John Carmack, Peter Falk, Stewart Copeland, Gunpei Yokoi, Isaac Asimov and my partner Shannon.

Please take a look at my blog or portfolio. Even better, send me an email! I’m always game to talk about games, or anything else that you may find interesting.

Rock the Casbah
-Adrian Hall